• Tora Karate

    Tora Karate

    Tora Kodo Karate Kai - traditional Shotokan Karate classes in Twickenham, West London.
  • All are Welcome

    All are Welcome

    We believe that every student is important regardless of their ability. Come and train with us.
  • Sensei Robert Herincx

    Sensei Robert Herincx

    Tora Kodo Karate Kai's joint Chief instructor - 6th Dan, Qualified English Karate Federation Head Coach
  • Sensei Phillip Wardle

    Sensei Phillip Wardle

    Tora Kodo Karate Kai's joint Chief instructor - 4th Dan, Qualified English Karate Federation Coach
  • Children & Karate

    Children & Karate

    At Tora Kodo Karate Kai, we teach Shotokan Karate which is well suited to children as well as adults.
  • Great Facilities

    Great Facilities

    Our Dojo is the new state-of-the-art sports facility at St Mary's University College, Strawberry Hill.
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Chief Instructors:
Sensei Robert Herincx (6th Dan): 07825 599136
Sensei Phillip Wardle (4th Dan): 07836 620620

Welfare/Safeguarding Officer:
Michael Worrell: 07772 517750


St Mary's University College
Waldegrave Road,
Strawberry Hill,

Training Times

18:45 to 19:45
(kids only)
19:00 to 20:30

09:30 to 11:00

Welcome back after the summer break everyone, we hope that you had a nice time and enjoyed the lovely hot weather.

However we were still training and didn't stop over the summer. Some students bravely attended most of the sessions in the heat and worked on their kata and on improving their technique.

As we approach another lovely season of the year, colorful autumn, we will increase the focus on those students who would like to grade by the end of the year. It is always nice to see students coming and training regardless of the colour of their belt.

Everyone however should bear in mind the importance of working hard and being prepared for their grading. We have now 3 months to the grading and this is the time when you can ask any of your instructors for help or explanation on a subject which is not clear to you.

You can check your syllabus on our website or ask Sensei Jiri for a laminated copy to help you with practicing techniques outside of our dojo.

Soon we will be introducing some new products with the Tora Karate logo and also very smart grading books for our juniors so look out for these!!

Keep working hard. Oss!


Welfare/Safeguarding Officer

Michael Worrell: 07772 517750

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