• Tora Karate

    Tora Karate

    Tora Kodo Karate Kai - traditional Shotokan Karate classes in Twickenham, West London.
  • All are Welcome

    All are Welcome

    We believe that every student is important regardless of their ability. Come and train with us.
  • Sensei Robert Herincx

    Sensei Robert Herincx

    Tora Kodo Karate Kai's joint Chief instructor - 6th Dan, Qualified English Karate Federation Head Coach
  • Sensei Phillip Wardle

    Sensei Phillip Wardle

    Tora Kodo Karate Kai's joint Chief instructor - 4th Dan, Qualified English Karate Federation Coach
  • Children & Karate

    Children & Karate

    At Tora Kodo Karate Kai, we teach Shotokan Karate which is well suited to children as well as adults.
  • Great Facilities

    Great Facilities

    Our Dojo is the new state-of-the-art sports facility at St Mary's University College, Strawberry Hill.
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Chief Instructors:
Sensei Robert Herincx (6th Dan): 07825 599136
Sensei Phillip Wardle (4th Dan): 07836 620620

Welfare/Safeguarding Officer:
Michael Worrell: 07772 517750


St Mary's University College
Waldegrave Road,
Strawberry Hill,

Training Times

18:45 to 19:45
(kids only)
19:00 to 20:30

09:30 to 11:00

2016 is a very special time for all of us at Tora as it is our 50th anniversary.

“The club was originally called Surrey Shotokan Karate Club and was founded in the mid 1960's in Chertsey, Surrey. I think this probably makes us one of the oldest clubs in the country. In 1967 Sensei Michael (Sandy) Beach became the Chief instructor. In 1971 the club name was changed to Tora Shotokan Karate Club.Some of the visiting Sensei that have taught at our club are, Kanazawa, Enoeda, Kato, Takahashi, Sumi, K.Funakoshi, Tomita, Ohta, Chisholm, Fuller, Hazard.When Sensei Beach retired from active instruction, I continued teaching and, with his agreement, we changed the name to Tora Kodo Karate Kai, which is more descriptive of the inherent philosophy found within the club.”

(From an interview with Sensei Robert which can be found here)

Last year was a very successful year for all of us at Tora. We have seen many new members, some as young as 8 years old, joining us and starting on their Karate journey. Some of them even managed to persuade their parents to join them in training.

Many of our junior members did exceptionally well at the competition which was held in March 2015.

We have also welcomed Karateka joining us from different clubs looking for the type of training sessions which can be found at Tora.

It is a massive privilege to all our instructors seeing so many juniors and also adults joining us.

The 50 years journey of Tora as we know it today has been a long and steady Journey.

Don't forget YOU too can be part of our family - just turn up to one of our sessions.




Welfare/Safeguarding Officer

Michael Worrell: 07772 517750

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