Chief Instructors:
Sensei Robert Herincx (6th Dan): 07825 599136
Sensei Phillip Wardle (4th Dan): 07836 620620

Welfare/Safeguarding Officer:
Michael Worrell: 07772 517750


St Mary's University College
Waldegrave Road,
Strawberry Hill,

Training Times

18:30 to 20:00

09:30 to 11:00


Unless stated otherwise all kihon moves are started in shiai kamae (freestyle), turn into gedan barai then shiai kamae.

  • Kizami-zuki, oi-zuki, suri-ashi, gyaku-zuki
  • Mae-geri, jun-zuki, suri-ashi, gyaku-zuki
  • Yoko-geri kekomi, uraken, gyaku-zuki
  • Mawashi-geri, uraken, gyaku-zuki
  • Ushiro-geri, uraken, gyaku-zuki
  • Kizami-mae-geri, mawashi-geri, gyaku-zuki
  • Mae-geri, jun-zuki, gyaku-zuki, ushiro-ashi, gedan-barai, gyaku-zuki, yoko-geri kekomi, uraken, oi-zuki (twice forward, turn and twice back)
  • Mae-geri, yoko-geri kekomi, mawashi-geri, ushiro-geri, gyaku-zuki (once forward, turn and once back)
  • Balance kicks: mae-geri, yoko-geri kekomi, ushiro-geri, mawashi-geri (3 times each leg)


Tokui kata from: Bassai Dai, Jion, Empi, Kanku Dai or Hangetsu (with bunkai)

Examiner(s) choose from any Heian kata or Tekki Shodan.


Jiyu ippon kumite. All techniques must be controlled. Jodan, chudan, mae-geri, yoko-geri kekomi, mawashi-geri, usiro-geri (left and right, once each side).

Jiyu kumite. All techniques must be controlled (Shobu ippon scoring. Examiner(s) choice on number of bouts).

Students must demonstrate strong kime, fast techniques (speed), stability and strong fighting spirit. Kata should be performed without mistakes and using tempo, continuation and transmission of power. Kumite should be accurate in offence and demonstrate effective defence and counter attack.

Candidates are also required to have done at least 6 month's training and 48 lessons.

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Welfare/Safeguarding Officer

Michael Worrell: 07772 517750

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